Welcome to Busy Disney

Welcome to Busy Disney!

We’re Disney fans who love to travel and experience all things Disney, but there’s never enough time. There are a ton of great Disney fan sites and blogs out there for travel, but I decided to start one for those of us who can’t devote large amounts of time for vacations and other experiences. I (your humble Busy Bee) and my sister (Busy Bumble) want to share all the knowledge we’ve accumulated over our years of travel and fandom.

Our blog will have our trips, tips for everything from dining to travel, and even some peeks behind the scenes at how Disney makes their magic. While we don’t travel regularly, we do travel often so we plan to post whenever something new comes up.

We’ve just come back from a recent trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL and we’ve also got a trip planned for Disneyland in California very soon, so keep an eye out for new posts coming your way!IMG_0750

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