Dinner at Steakhouse 55

Push your way past the crowds gathered in front of Goofy’s Kitchen and you’ll find an elegant respite from the typical theme park crowds. Welcome to Steakhouse 55.

It is rather ironic that Steakhouse 55 and Goofy’s Kitchen are situated right next to each other. Goofy’s Kitchen is a frenetic, character and kiddie filled buffet with bright lights, bright colors, and loud music. Steakhouse 55 is understated, muted, and serene. This is the grown ups’ restaurant, but kids are welcome.

The Restaurant

Busy Bumble and I ate here during Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary Celebration. The ambiance here is Old Hollywood and Classic Steakhouse. The decor is done in darker tones but this place looks just as lovely during the day with the lights turned up. The place is intimate but don’t feel like you have to whisper during dinner. It’s also a little more well dressed than the other Disneyland restaurants (barring the Napa Rose) but people dine here in shorts and flip-flops. This isn’t Victoria and Albert’s.

The menu is a classic steakhouse menu: cuts of meat, a few entrées, and side dishes a la carte. For some this may be an entirely new experience to order your meal this way. Be forewarned that portions for sides are meant for sharing, so don’t go ordering five for yourself.

The Food


Busy Bumble decided to start with their mushroom soup. This soup is well-loved by diners and has changed a few times in the past. It is served tableside with your server pouring it into a massive bowl. Very impressive. The soup was thick and velvety with a creamy mouthfeel (did I mention we’re foodies? Yeah, we really talk like this when we eat). The flavor of the mushrooms really came through, like the best cream of mushroom soup you’ve ever had.

Our appetizers: mushroom soup (poured and mixed tableside) and sea scallop with seasonal succotash (Brentwood corn, baby fava beans, caramelized onions, and bacon). There are some microgreens and mustard seeds in oil to break up the flavors. 


I went for the prix fixe special that night, which started with a scallop and seasonal succotash appetizer. The scallop was sweet and tender, a wonderful contrast to the bright and savory vegetable mélange. There was a slight crust to the scallop from the skillet and it was a great textural change.

Another look at my appetizer with a closer look at the bread. So spongy and yummy. It has an amazingly crisp, crunchy crust so your table will be messy after eating it.


While all this was going on we had fresh bread at out table. This was spongy, hot, and substantial in the best bready way. I want this sold at the gift shop to take home.

In the back is Busy Bumble’s rib eye with bone marrow and house butter. Look how nice and pink that center is! The creamed spinach is crowned with plenty of melty cheese. My short ribs are in the fore, with three succulent pieces of meat and more potatoes than a Costco bag of chips. That red wine reduction is perfect with the meat and starch. 


For her entrée Busy Bumble had a rib eye steak with bone marrow and the house special butter, a spiced up compound butter. I had short ribs with mashed potatoes and diced root veggies. Since Busy Bumble needed a side we ordered the creamed spinach to try.

The rib eye was perfectly cooked, with a nice pink center and a good crust on the outside. Busy Bumble adored the house butter. She didn’t touch the steak sauce since the butter was so flavorful. It really took the steak to another level.

My short ribs were melt-in-your-mouth tender. I could have eaten them with a spoon. The veggies and sauce were a nice compliment to the meat, like comfort food from home.

The creamed spinach was saucy, full of cheese and a hit of nutmeg. The spinach was kept whole leaf so it was substantial as a side without looking like baby food or worse.

For dessert I had vanilla creme brulée with a fresh cinnamon sugar doughnut. You can’t go wrong with this pair, although I was pretty stuffed from the rest of my meal.

Too cute! The perfect end to a classic steakhouse dinner is a thick custard studded with vanilla beans, some raspberries for brightness, and a crispy cute mini doughnut coated in cinnamon sugar.

Busy Bumble had the special Diamond Celebration Truffles. These alcohol infused truffles came in their own keepsake box and were a divine mix of flavors We split them all to try them. I loved the 24 Layer Chocolate Cake (a nod to Steakhouse 55’s signature dessert) while Busy Bumble was pleasantly surprised at how the Cosmopolitan tasted like the cocktail as a candy. These aren’t as true-to-flavor as See’s Candies truffles, but they’re pretty darn good.

The signature Diamond Celebration truffles. Because these contained alcohol Busy Bumble needed to show her ID. The flavors are a mix of classic and fun. This was a great option for guests who are full but need that little bit of sweet to end their meal. We got to keep the box as a keepsake.

Steakhouse 55 isn’t cheap, but it is well worth the price. This is a special occasion restaurant that remains a mostly hidden gem in the Disneyland Resort. If you can’t make it in for dinner, they serve an excellent breakfast and are also the place to be for Afternoon Tea. The Lounge is also open for drinks and dinner if you can’t get a seat at the restaurant. Push those screaming kids at Goofy’s out of the way and grab a seat. You won’t regret it.

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