Breakfast at Catal

Catal is one of the most overlooked restaurants in Downtown Disney. Maybe because it’s on the second floor or maybe because the name doesn’t really bring anything to mind most guests pass this spot over in favor of more flamboyant or recognizable fare. We’ve discovered that Catal is a great place to take a break above the crowds (literally) that serves great Mediterranean-inspired California cuisine with warm hospitality.


The view from our table. As you can tell most people would rather not be in the rain or out early. If you come to Catal for dinner and snag a seat in the tower you could watch the atmosphere talent perform in the courtyard between Napoli and Sephora.


On a rainy morning we decided to stop in for breakfast. The menu at Catal is not very big, which is good, but breakfast is an even more limited occasion. Don’t go in here expecting Goody’s Kitchen levels of diverse offerings. The food is excellent though, and the price is even better compared to similar offerings in the parks and surrounding areas.

Breakfast is also one of the quietest times of day to visit Downtown Disney and Catal is no exception. We dined for maybe 45 minutes to an hour and only sat with two other groups, although more were coming in as we were leaving. This makes for a peaceful and private meal.

Busy Bumble was excited to find chilequiles on the menu. Catal’s chilequiles are hearty with heaping helpings of guacamole, salsa roja, and a delicious fried egg on top. She said the dish was flavorful with a little kick at the soft palate, but not strong enough to make her ask for a glass of milk. She liked how filling it was without being heavy.

Authentic chilequiles. Busy Bumble couldn’t wait to take a bit. If you don’t like spicy things don’t worry: the red sauce has a very mild kick. If you like things hot you can ask for hot sauce on the side.


For me I chose the “skinny” omelet: egg whites with goat cheese, tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms. Despite the name this tasted decadent with the richness of the goat cheese. It was a good balance between the creamy cheese, the acidity of the tomatoes, the earthiness of the spinach, and the umami of the mushrooms. As a palate cleanser it came with perfectly ripe raspberries.


The Skinny Omelet. It turned out very fluffy and flavorful. Health conscious or not this is a great breakfast.


The menu for breakfast includes fresh pastries, cereal, and other protein-heavy dishes. There’s sure to be something to please everyone. As a treat Busy Bumble ordered herself a mimosa, and that makes any breakfast better. If you’re looking for a place to grab some good food without crowds choose Catal. By the time you’ve finished breakfast the lines at the park entrances will be shorter and you’ll be ready to start the day right.

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