Do-It-Yourself Mickey Ears- An Introduction

If you’ve taken a gander at Pinterest over the past couple of years you’ve probably seen people posting cute images of the Mickey and Minnie ears they’ve made at home. Some are incredibly elaborate (Etsy had some ears based off the Mad Tea Party teacups with lanterns that actually lit up) while others are charmingly simple.

Busy Bumble and I decided to try our hands at making these. I consider myself a crafty person, so we set out to make a few sets and see how they turned out.

Here are the ones we made:

Star Wars inspired ears. The bow is a TIE fighter (paint job’s a little wonky) and the white parts of the fabric glow in the dark.
Brave inspired ears. The Queen Elinor bear got hidden by the bow on one side and the castle got hidden on the other.
Inside Out inspired ears. Those are the Core Memories in the center and the rest is made up to be the machinery that sorts memories in the brain.
My personal favorite: ears inspired by those giant lollipops you see at the Candy Palace and every other candy store in the Disney parks. These were made for a friend’s birthday and use the same technique as the popular Princess Leia ears.

What You Need:

  • Headband
  • Felt
  • Something Sturdy But Lightweight, Like Foam Sheets or Cardboard
  • Poly-Fill or Stuffing
  • Hot Glue
  • Needle and Thread/Sewing Machine for Those Who Can Sew
  • Embellishments

There are a lot of tutorials out there with patterns for how to make the ears, but we ended up improvising. We tried the headbands on, considered how big we wanted the ears in relation to how the headbands fit our heads, and how far we wanted the ears spaced. Since we wanted to make Minnie ears with bows we had to consider how much room to leave for the bow. If you’re adding embellishments, consider how much weight they’ll add, since heavy ears are difficult to wear.

Google a tutorial and give it a try. While the basic approach is the same for most, each tutorial and pattern has good and bad things. These are surprisingly easy to make and you’ll find yourself making a new set each time you come to the parks for a visit!


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