Summer of Heroes Specialty Food Items

Disneyland Resort’s Summer of Heroes event kicked off on Saturday with new attractions, entertainment, and more importantly: food.

There are a lot of new food items special to the parks this summer, but we only had a chance to try a few of them on our weekend jaunt. Here’s our take on our tastings.

Funnel Cake Fries at Award Wieners

Left: Angry Little Pudding Cup Right: Quiver of Funnel Cake Fries

This isn’t the first time Disneyland’s done funnel cake fries, but these are a nice, relatively small sweet treat.

The Angry Little Pudding Cup is chocolate pudding, vanilla cream, Oreo bits, and funnel cake fried in a cup. Sweet and creamy without being cloying this still needs a beverage to wash it down. Maybe a Baby Groot cup is in order? It does come with a spoon, because it isn’t really meant as a dip for the fries.

Mmm… pudding

The Quiver of Funnel Cake Fries is a fistful of funnel cake fries with raspberry coulis, mango sauce, and whipped cream. This was our favorite of the two: sweet and tangy with true fruit flavor versus syrup.

Try a dip of each flavor separately, then try mixing them together. Any way you eat it is all good.

Because Busy Bumble is curious we tried mixing a bit of each cup together. It actually works!

It won’t win any appearance awards but it tastes wonderful.

Shave Ice at Bifrosties


I love me some Norse mythology puns! We saw two Cast Members on Saturday with Shave Ice cups telling people to come by and get some, but we stopped by Sunday. This booth is tucked by the Backlot Stage. There are benches there for the Avengers show, but you can’t hold the seats for the show. You can eat there, but you’ll need to leave and queue up with everyone else to watch the show.

People had a lot of great things to say about each flavor. The Cast Member who rang us up suggested adding vanilla ice cream to ours and it was a good idea. The syrup can be really sweet, so the vanilla ice cream cuts that sugar just a bit.

I had the I Am Shave Ice (wonder if there’s a cute baby ice cube version somewhere). The root beer syrup was sweeter than real root beer, but it gets better as the ice mixes with it and especially when it mixes with the ice cream. This one comes with ice cream already, but I’m sure you could add more, although that would be structurally dicey. My cup was actually a mistake in how tall it was (two servings of ice instead of one). I lost a quite a bit while eating, but hey I got more than my money’s worth for a mistake!

Too tall! Too tall!

Busy Bumble had the Whistle Blue and it was the Instgram-worthy beauty of the trip. Forget the lightsaber churros: take a look at this lovely.


This is blue raspberry and lime with sparkling blue sugar. Busy Bumble enjoyed this and even had the idea to add a little of her Sprite to it, which was delicious. This doesn’t come with vanilla ice cream, but Busy Bumble loved the addition.

Check out the star sparkles! These are the same as used on the blue lightsaber churros.

Loaded Tater Tots at River Belle Terrace

In DCA there are a lot of other new foods: tacos, nachos, cocktails, and more. You’d need a never-ending alimentary tract to try them all in one day. We did find that there was at least one new item in Disneyland added in honor of the opening of Mission Breakout. Behold: the loaded tater tots at River Belle Terrace.

Make these permanent on the menu, please!

These lovelies are crispy golden and topped with sliced beef brisket (the other option is buffalo chicken), BBQ sauce, spicy cheese bechamel, and green onions. This app was fantastic: savory and spicy (Disney spicy, so just warm) with a great mix of textures and flavors. If you’re eating at River Belle Terrace definitely ask for these.

Many of these foods will be gone by the end of summer, so head on out to the parks for a bite while they’re here.

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